I am Gonul Daniels the Conservative Party candidate for Arfon.

I grew up in London and I am not a career politician. I am a working mum and have had a career in technology engineering. I also have expertise in education and women’s issues. I am married to Jon and we have 8 year old twins, Harry and Poppy.

I first decided to get involved in campaigning when I saw social injustice in school provision and believed we needed people with real world experience in politics to bring about change.

I realised how politics can affect the everyday lives of people through policies created and wanted to be part of the policy making process with my real-world knowledge.

I initiated and led a parental pressure group which campaigned for a new primary school, after a 5-year struggle I opened a new school in 2016. 240 children now receive an outstanding education, the project brought a £7.5mn investment to the local community, new jobs and has been rated outstanding by Ofsted this year.

I am the Conservative Women’s Organisation Deputy Chairman with responsibility for Wales and the CWO London Regional Chairman. In my role I actively support women into public life. I am a multi-academy trust trustee and a school Chair of Governors. 

I am a one-nation Conservative.  I believe that hard work determines where we get to in life and that is why I am a Conservative.

We are the party of aspiration and support those who want to get on in life by creating policies that are for the common good, for all people.

I am an engineer by profession, that means I am a doer, and we need to get Brexit done so we can focus on giving people access to the best opportunities.

I want to make life better for you and your family.

If elected with a majority Government on December 12th we will Get Brexit Done, introducing legislation on Day 1 of a new Parliament, and we will be out of the EU by the end of January putting this delay, confusion, and chaos behind us. Gonul has always respected the result of the referendum and will join me in getting Brexit done at every opportunity.

Boris Johnson, November 2019

Promoted by Harry Saville on behalf of North West Wales Multi-Constituency Conservative Association, both of 49 Bridge Street, Llangefni LL77 7PN