About me

I grew up in London and I am not a career politician. I am a working mum and have had a career in technology engineering. I also have expertise in education and women’s issues. I am married to Jon and we have 9 year old twins, Harry and Poppy.

I first decided to get involved in campaigning when I saw social injustice in school provision and believed we needed people with real world experience in politics to bring about change.

I realised how politics can affect the everyday lives of people through policies created and wanted to be part of the policy making process with my real-world knowledge.

I initiated and led a parental pressure group which campaigned for a new primary school, after a 5-year struggle I opened a new school in 2016. 240 children now receive an outstanding education, the project brought a £7.5mn investment to the local community, new jobs and has been rated outstanding by Ofsted.

I am the Conservative Women’s Organisation Deputy Chairman and the CWO London Regional Chairman. In my role I actively support women into public life. I am a multi-academy trust trustee and a school Chair of Governors. 

I am a one-nation Conservative.  I believe that hard work determines where we get to in life and that is why I am a Conservative.

I am an engineer by profession, that means I am a doer, I take action when and where I sees a need. Actions NOT words!