My message to Edmonton

My message to the people of Edmonton

I've been out listening to the people of Edmonton and they want change. People don't want to live in fear for their families, people don't want to live with rubbish on their streets, people want something better. For the last 20 years the majority of Edmonton has voted Labour and for the last 20 years Edmonton has been in decline. This election is your chance to put your old voting habits aside and vote for change for Edmonton and a Conservative MP who can stand beside Theresa May to ensure stability at a national level and bring about change in Edmonton. I will be ever present in the community listening to you and fighting to ... Stop knife crime Stamp out antisocial behaviour Clear the rubbish from our streets Give our children an outstanding education Clear the pollution from our air. Together we will tackle the big problems, these will take time and resolve, and at the same time we will address day to day issues. Such as the rubbish on the streets and the joy riders, because each one of the smaller problems we sort out chips away at the bigger issues and makes these easier to stamp out. On the 8th June vote for me Gonul Daniels who can work beside Theresa May and a Conservative government to ensure the future of the country and bring about change for Edmonton.

Posted by Gonul Daniels on Thursday, 18 May 2017

Pledge 1 – Stop Knife Crime

Pledge 1 for Edmonton - Stop Knife Crime

Pledge 1 of my 5 point plan for Edmonton - To stop knife crime. We have to do something different. What we are doing now isn’t working! There is Enfield’s Law which says that if you are caught carrying a knife twice you will go to prison. That just isn’t being enforced. There are those who are carrying knives who are caught and then sent back into the community which just isn’t right and isn’t working! There are those who are carrying knives because they are scared for their safety and that can’t carry on. If I am elected on June 8th I pledge to stand up for Enfield’s Law and ensure that the law is enforced so that those carrying knives take the law seriously and understand the cause and effect of carrying knives. I pledge to work with social workers and carers to ensure that when you are caught carrying a knife you are not sent back into the community but are removed to somewhere else away from the gangs. I pledge that there will be education to make those carrying knives understand that you are not safe when you carry a knife. You make yourself unsafe when you carry a knife and you are likely to be a victim of knife crime. Only the stupid carry knives! Vote for me, Gonul Daniels, on June 8th to wipe out knife crime in Edmonton. Let’s work together!

Posted by Gonul Daniels on Friday, 26 May 2017

Pledge 2 – Stamp out Anti-Social Behaviour

Pledge 2 for Edmonton – To stamp out anti-social behaviour

Pledge 2 of my 5 point plan – To stamp out anti-social behaviour. I will work with the local authorities and the government to clamp down on all anti-social behaviour and reset the perception people have of Edmonton. There is an analogy that I think describes my approach: There is a nice building, in a nice area, if a window breaks in the building and it is repaired immediately then life carries on as normal. If the window is not repaired, then someone will break another window, and then another, and then another, then breaking windows will spread to other buildings. Those entering the area will think breaking windows is the norm and soon it will not be a nice area as there are many broken windows in many buildings. The same happens with anti-social behaviour, it spreads, becomes the norm, and soon those new to the community will think it is acceptable to behave badly and commit crime. We need to clamp down on anti-social behaviour and crime and drive it from our streets. We need to ensure there is parity across the borough of Enfield and work hard to ensure the same opportunities are offered to those in Edmonton as to those in the west of the borough. Vote for me, Gonul Daniels, on June 8th to stamp out anti-social behaviour in Edmonton.

Posted by Gonul Daniels on Saturday, 27 May 2017

Pledge 3 – Clear the Rubbish from Our Streets

Pledge 3 for Edmonton - Clear the Rubbish from our Streets

Pledge 3 of my 5 point plan – To clear the rubbish from our streets. Labour councillors run Enfield Council and the cabinet member for the Environment constantly talks about being tough on fly tipping. But, then there is little action. Just clearing up rubbish regularly is not enough, I want to stop the fly tippers before they dump. I want government to give local authorities more power to deal with this serious problem and increase penalties on the criminals involved in this appalling antisocial behaviour. I’ll then work with Enfield Council to ensure that fly tipping is addressed at source. Vote for me, Gonul Daniels, on June 8th to clear the rubbish from the streets of Edmonton.

Posted by Gonul Daniels on Saturday, 27 May 2017

Pledge 4 – Give Children an Outstanding Education

Pledge 4 for Edmonton - Give Children an Outstanding Education

Pledge 4 of my 5 point plan – Give children an outstanding education On a personal level I have campaigned for school places and created a brand new primary free school, with Ashmole Academy Trust, which is on track to be outstanding. I am Chair of Governors at a secondary school rated outstanding by OFSTED. Education is one of the reasons I am in politics and I want to make sure every child gets the best start in life and I am making that a reality in my local area. I am delighted to see that the Conservative Manifesto states that NO school will have their budget cut because of the fairer funding formula. Everyone acknowledges that a fairer way of funding schools is needed and this Conservative pledge ensures fairer funding and that schools won’t see a cut in their budget. This means that schools can concentrate on providing on outstanding education with security. I am also pleased to see that Universal Free School Meals are being replaced with a free breakfast. As a governor of schools, I know that families that get free school meals increase the funding of the schools that they attend so this pledge means that the less advantaged will have a free breakfast as well as a free lunch. Universal Free School Meals meant that families entitled to free school meals were not applying for them because they received them anyway as part of the Universal Free School Meals. They didn’t realise that by not applying for free school meals their school was missing out on increased funding. This manifesto pledge will benefit schools financially. Vote for me, Gonul Daniels, on June 8th to give children an outstanding education.

Posted by Gonul Daniels on Saturday, 27 May 2017

Pledge 5 – Clear the Pollution from Our Air

Pledge 5 for Edmonton - Clear the Pollution from Our Air

Pledge 5 of my 5 point plan – Clear the pollution from our air. Edmonton is criss-crossed by major roads; the A10 to the West, the M25 to the North, the A406 to the South and Mollison Avenue to the East with the industrial estates. Car ownership in Edmonton is low, but pollution is high, and this is due to passing traffic and specifically lorries. I would lobby for increased tax on inefficient lorries and give benefits to eco-friendly lorries. I would promote the governments Cycling and Walking Strategy to encourage residents to think about cycling or walking short journeys and push to introduce more school walking buses. This would go hand in hand in fighting anti-social behaviour and crime so people can feel safe on the streets of Edmonton. Vote for me, Gonul Daniels, on June 8th to clear the pollution from our air.

Posted by Gonul Daniels on Saturday, 27 May 2017

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General Election 2015

I was privileged to have been selected by Edmonton Conservatives to represent them as their parliamentary candidate in the 2015 general election. I am honoured to have been asked to remain active in the Edmonton Conservative association in the future. I will do my utmost to improve the Edmonton community through campaigning and lobbying for improvements in services and facilities.

Conservative Campaigner

I have always taken a proactive stance on issues that are close to my heart. When I realised that local children could not gain admission to their closest school (when they lived 0.2 miles from the school) I decided to take action. I formed a group of parents supported by the local community to campaign for increased primary school provision. After two years of campaigning and lobbying our campaign group have made a difference with the introduction of a free school providing 60 school places commencing in September 2016. There were many ups and downs in the campaign, not least the Labour local authority playing party politics and disappointing the community that they are meant to represent.

Chair of Governors at a Multi Academy

I am Chair of Governors at two schools, Ashmole Academy, a non-selective community school rated as outstanding by OFSTED and Ashmole Primary School, a free school that I campaigned and created with the Ashmole team. The Ashmole motto is “Excellence is a habit” and we aim for every child to reach their potential and get the best start in life.

Working Mother

I am a mother of four children and have been in employment since leaving further education with breaks for bringing up young children. My career has been in technical engineering and I am proud to have had a fulfilling career in an environment that is male dominated. There are many women who work in Information Technology but there are very few women working in the technical aspect and my experience is that I have always been the only woman working amongst men. I work hard for my family and lead by example. I want my children to grow up knowing that they must have a career and job and to support their local community.

Conservative Outreach

I am an executive director of Conservative Friends of Turkey and work with the Friend’s group to outreach to ethnic communities. I have been a Conservative ambassador by delivering training to women candidates abroad and in Summer 2017 will represent the Conservative party undertaking charity work in Rwanda.

Free School

Ashmole Academy became a multi-academy trust in 2016 to create a primary school. I have worked hard with Ashmole Academy and the local community to make the primary school concept a reality. I am delighted that Ashmole Primary School opened its doors to 60 Reception aged children in September 2016 following my campaign.


I have had a varied and full career in Technical Engineering and am currently an IT architect delivering million pound networking projects for local government authorities. I have procured innovative solutions for Ashmole Primary school and embraced digital communications in my voluntary work for the Conservatives and my campaigning.


I am Vice Chairman and a Trustee at a multi-academy trust which has two schools. Ashmole Academy Trust was set up to extend the outreach of excellent education to more children. I, with the Trust Board set the strategic direction of the Trust and have plans for a nursery and summer school in addition to increasing the number of schools in the Trust.

Gonul is well respected in Enfield for her leadership of community campaigns and strong advocacy on behalf of residents.

David Burrowes, Member of Parliament for Enfield Southgate

In Mrs Daniels we have someone with a track record of hard work and ability, I know she will work tirelessly for the people of Edmonton.

Adrian Croshaw, Edmonton Conservative Association's Chairman