My Priorities


My priorities are to unite the Party behind the Prime Minister, to ensure that the uncertainty that has been caused by Brexit reaches a conclusion and that the will of the people is carried out, putting the best interests of the United Kingdom first and foremost. I believe in democracy and that means that we are all Brexiteers. I will work with Conservative Party and grassroots members to maintain and rebuild loyalty and confidence in the Conservatives.


My expertise is in education and technology, I will bring real world, working experiences to educational policy making. I will work with schools where standards require improvement to provide the best education and outcomes for children. I will work with schools to ensure that where structure and change is required the Government provide the support and funding needed.


There is a link between those falling out of the education system and crime which need to be addressed through education. I will look at educational and sport strategies to change the culture of youth and gang related crime and stop children falling out of education.


In the digital world I want to introduce greater protection online, so that the vulnerable in society, our children and parents, are protected from scammers and inappropriate content. I want to make ISPs and social media companies more responsible for safeguarding and policing content.


In technology I bring experience of running a coding club for primary school children, only one of the twelve children are girls. I will use my real-world skills and expertise to support more girls and women into STEM.