Update–Open Meeting Tuesday 30th April 7.30pm

Did you know that 250,000 school places will be needed by September 2014?

Did you know that a family who live a 90 second walk from Walker School cannot get their children admitted to that school based on the distance criteria?

Did you know that there are plans to build over 300 family homes in the Southgate area? Where will all these incoming families send their children to school? Something needs to change!

I have organised a meeting facilitated by FLDRA (Fox Lane and District Residents’ Association) to debate this problem.

The following representatives of Central and Local Government have agreed to attend this meeting on Primary School Places (or the lack of them):

  • · David Burrowes MP
  • · Cllr Ayfer Orhan Cabinet Member for Children & Young People
  • · Andrew Fraser (Director of Schools & Children’s Services)
  • · Jenny Tosh (Assistant Director for Education)
  • · Michael Toyer (Project Director for the Primary Expansion Programme)

Local Councillors have also been invited and I anticipate there being many parents who will have just received notification of the school that their Reception aged child will attend in September 2013.

The meeting will be in 2 phases:

  1. Understanding Central and Local Government Strategy on Primary School Admissions
  2. A forum for parents to express concerns, views and opinion

If you have a question that you would like the panel to answer then please attend the meeting or submit an advance question to the website http://wewantlocalschools.wordpress.com/ which has been set up specifically for this meeting. There is further information on this website.