Local Community

As a committee member of FLDRA (Fox Lane and District Redsidents’ Association) we are concerned with anything happenning in our area and try to improve the area. I raised a couple of points at a recent meeting which the association have supported and as a consequence changes are being implemented.

One change is a new zebra crossing to go on Aldermans Hill where pedestrians (myself included) always cross the road to get to the medical centre. At the moment there is no crossing near and pedestrians take their life in their hands to cross the road. Unfortunately there was an accident in that very spot recently where a pedestrian was knocked down by a car, fortunately the injuries were not serious.

I suggested some signs in Broomfield Park so that parents were aware of the facilities and where they were and Friends of Broomfield Park took this on board and requested change.

These may be small things however good news particularly as “localism”┬áis the way changes are made locally.