The End of Text Messaging?

Now that texting is over 20 years old, it is already starting to decline. There are many providers of free messaging so I doubt that people will pay for texting for much longer. It may be some time before texting is removed as a sales benefit from mobile phone packages.

With the death of texting does that mean our youth will start using English correctly or will txt spk remain? I have always text in full English much to my children’s amusement; I was doing them a favour so that they didn’t forget the Queen’s English.

There are lots of changes at the moment with messaging services, Microsoft messaging has been retired and is replaced with Skype. Any parent with a student at university knows what a fantastic tool this is. We have moved onto Facetime on the ipad and iphone and keeping in contact becomes so easy and personal when you can see each other.

My app of the week (this may become a regular feature) is “WhatsApp” which is a mobile messaging service which is free and works on different platforms, such as iphone, Blackberry, Android and Windows phone. It uses your internet data usage so there is no additional cost. Have a look