Under the knife & cakes

I had Arthroscopy surgery on my right knee in Barnet Hospital as a day case and was very impressed by the efficient service provided by our NHS.

I have (or had)  a torn cartilage as a result of a climbing accident in my youth which was worsened by a skiing accident a few years ago. My first visit to a doctor for this problem was 10 months ago; so 10 months from initial consultation to repair is a time frame that I as a customer am content with.

I did not choose Barnet Hospital for my procedure as the NHS told me where and when I would be treated. I was content to have my operation at Barnet, or at Chase Farm, or indeed any other hospital. There are plans to close down Chase Farm Hospital and I wondered whether this would impact on the service that I received.

Evaluations, examinations, X-rays, MRI scan and pre op consultations of my injured knee took place at different locations in and out of the borough that I live in. I visited Bowes Road Clinic, John Scott Health Centre, Chase Farm Hospital and my local GP, only my X-ray had been taken at Barnet Hospital where I had my operation today.

I had an MRI scan in a mobile unit in a car park in Haringey and I recall feeling scared that I might be mugged. My appointment was on a dark Autumn evening in an area that I wouldn’t normally walk in at night. I had a physio assessment at a clinic which had no signage to indicate that physio normally takes place there. In comparison I was most impressed with Barnet Hospital which was fit for purpose, the areas I visited looked clean and modern. The admission process was efficient and I felt well cared for by nurses, anaesthetists and surgeon.

Post surgery I had my moment of confusion when awoken from general anaesthetic and started babbling about cakes and summer fetes. I hope the nurses will be understanding if I can’t make the cake I promised them! Their post op literature does say that your judgement might be impaired!