Broomfield House Film

I have been visiting Broomfield Park since I was a child. My family lived opposite the park in Broomfield Lane and my siblings and I would cross the road and jump or clamber over the park fence to gain entrance.

If you are familiar with the area you will know that Broomfield House is a Grade II listed house in Broomfield Park that originates from the 16th century and was devastated by fire in 1984. It is very sad that Broomfield House exists as charred remains held up by scaffolding and has done so for nearly 30 years.

I was interviewed by Christine Lalla, a film maker who has made a short documentary film with the intention of raising money for the restoration of this historic building. I recounted my childhood memories of the House to her and some have been used in the film which can be viewed here.

The house had been a Natural History Museum and on the ground floor there was a live bee hive made of glass so you could see the bees in all their activity. There was a glass tunnel which took the bees from their hive to the outside world. It was fascinating to watch.

I remember visiting upstairs in the museum where there were were dead butterflies pinned out on trays. I knew it to be Natural History but to me it seemed very unnatural to look at dead butterflies when there were many live and colourful butterflies fluttering around the flowers outside the house.

I hope that the film helps to get Bromfield House restored for community use.