Grovelands Park

I visited Grovelands Park today and have added some images of the Park onto my gallery page. I have recently joined Friends of Grovelands Park which keeps members and the public informed of Park related news.

I attended a meeting of Friends of Grovelands because of the Grovelands Park Improvements Proposal. I anticipated that the proposal would be an agenda item at the Friends meeting. I’m glad I attended  the meeting to put forward the concerns of parents regarding the lack of primary school places in our area and why I, and the SWEAT group, would be supporting Enfield Council’s proposals.

I think that most members at the meeting seemed happy with the concept plans as long as the outlook of the park was not affected. The Friends agreed that the plans were in too early a stage to make any decisions. I came away with the feeling that they have a reasonable outlook, and understand the need for a school in the area.

Friends of Grovelands Park held an event to mark the Park’s centenary. My family and I attended and had a wonderful time. I think they should hold a similar event every year. If you feel the same or want to be involved in making a difference to the park then please join Friends of Grovelands. The group are trying to increase their membership which is a very reasonable £5 per year. Membership details can be found here or attend the next meeting  at St Paul’s Church Hall on 12th September at 7.30pm.